I should be working on presenting my newest portfolios…I’ve been very busy the past 5 years since moving. I just don’t feel like it. Lately I’ve been playing with paper and glue and vintage illustrations instead. A way to clear my head I guess. I started out thinking “I’ll make some hand made books” but I haven’t gotten there yet. This is what I’ve been doing…I guess stepping back is good sometimes. I now have a huge collection of ribbon,

Jigsaw Puzzles!

I’ve made some of my digital paintings into jigsaw puzzles! If you haven’t worked on a jigaw puzzle since you were a kid, now’s a great time to try it again! Here’s the link, I currently have four different puzzle designs.

George Segal Gallery-2020

I joined 50 Alumni with three of my photographs in the Juried Alumni show running as part of the retrospective show “Fifty Years of Inspiration and Impact: The Photographic Legacy of Klaus Schnitzer” at the George Segal Gallery in Montclair New Jersey. Juried by Robert Yoskowitz, Klaus Schnitzer invited some of his students to participate in his retrospective show celebrating his retirement. I have two moody photographs from my Modern Vintage portfolio and a handmade and hand painted Cabinet Card

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