The Calling Ground


The Project:
I have photographed 65+ camp meetings in North America that have been continually active for more than 100 years. The forthcoming book “The Calling Ground – American Camp Meeting” features photographs of camp architecture, services, people and objects dear to scholars of the Camp Meeting. I met so many amazing people at the camps I visited. I drove hundreds and hundreds of miles down dirt roads from Florida to Maine, The Midwest to Texas to California, to Vancouver Island. I got lost a lot, before the days of GPS and iPhones. I also made audio recordings of people and services. I look forward to sharing these photographs (none in digital format- all original medium format transparencies and negatives)  with you very soon in book format. In the meantime, you can view this short video that shows some of the work.

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This short video (above) was made in October, 2014 specifically for a presentation at meeting at South Seaville Camp Meeting, October 18, 2014, a joint meeting of the Great NJ Historical Society and the Commission on Archives and History. The video will give you a sneak peak into the project and showcases some of my camp ephemera collection and original photographs. Click on the play arrow to start the video.

You can see some of my photographs in the book “Holy Ground, Too,” now out of print but available at used booksellers. “The Calling Ground” title is Copyright Wendy Erickson.

I have a separate blog on the project, you can visit it by clicking here.