Disenchanted World

This is part of a new portfolio. Maybe it is just the way I’m looking at things lately, these may be taken as bleak but I find joy in them, new beginnings. You’ll see recurring themes such as the power of nature, metamorphosis caused by global warming, machine age creations, turmoil, trouble and the possibility of new life. It is perhaps a dark space but nonetheless I find some peace and future promise here.

These photographs are printed on fine art paper and many of them will undergo hand alteration, such as the addition of paint, pencil and hand and machine sewing.

The slideshow will play automatically. These are only a few photographs from this extensive series. I’m still editing!!! If you are interested in using one of these photographs for a book cover, illustration, etc. please contact me.

  • From 'Disenchanted World' © Wendy Erickson 2019