Imaging on metal tests

Imaging on metal tests

The use of the word research as it applies to art sometimes comes across as a confusing concept to non-artists! All artists make use of research in creating art. Depending on the project, for me research is usually two-part: testing of art materials and process to try out the validity of my ideas to make art, and ‘traditional’ research, such as gathering primary data and source materials, reviewing evidence, conducting interviews, collecting historic photographs or recordings before and during the making of photographs. Both are equally important.

Although I am interested in all forms of imaging, my newest research in technique includes iPhone capture with digital post processing and pigment inkjet output onto large format metal and other hand coated substrates. Although I continue to use traditional silver halide film capture, and straight digital photography, I also work with new technology instant integral color and black and white films as scanned originals for large format digital output. I’m most comfortable using hybrid technology, mixing old and new to make my art. I’m very interested in interior design, textile creation and the creation of decor items.

My ‘toolbox’ includes:

-Pinhole, 4×5 film/paper and digital capture
-Plastic Cameras and medium format film
-35mm DSLR Digital Cameras
-Medium format film cameras
-Embroidery and digital textile output
-Hand coloring/painting/stitching on inkjet media output
-Handmade Journals as art objects
-Traditional artists materials such as paint, pigments and pencils